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Litter "C"


Our C litter was born in 29.9.2002. out of Nine Lives Art Deco and Avalonia Jesta Rogue.
3 male puppies found their homes in Germany.
Call me Mister went to Mrs.Salomon and joined Balagan, Campari Rouge found his new home at Mrs.Kraemer in Paderborn and
Camaro went to Karola Buchholz.

Campari Rouge and Camaro were shown in Gelsenkirchen on 31.05.03 where they won 1 and 2 place in
Puppy Class.
In Grosssedlitz on the first day winner was Call Me Mister, second was Camaro in Junior Class.

Both Females stayed with us for a while, where they were gathering their experience in the show rings and developed nicely. In type they were a bit lighter than the B-Litter, very elegant and beautiful movers.
In 2004, Nine Lives Caprice went to Family Kopscek near Dresden, where she was shown seldom but she won 2 times CAC and one of those was awarded with BOB.
Champagne on Ice lives with Mr. Koenig near Saarbruecken and she joined 2 other Whippets. All of them share one nice Hobby, RACING. We congratulate to her Racing Licence obtained in 2007!!!

Our Italian Import, CH.Rosso Relativo known as Otto, (Ch. My Camelot Free Dream x Ch. Sobresalto High Class)
mated our Frontrunner`s Irish Love, Nora (Ch. Barnesmore Pony Soljer x Ch.Frontrunner`s Love N`Emotion).
Otto has something very special in his pedigree, which is very precious to me personally. From the side of his grandmother, Sobresalto Don`t Cry for Me, he brings the very first English Whippet that I had, Multi Champion Nevedith Dawn Dazzler.
Also Nora has a lot of Nevedith bloodlines in her Pedigree, which made this litter very special with high quality puppies.

The other litters must be found out later...


Avaloniea Jesta Rogue      Nine Lives Art Deco



Nine Lives Call Me Mister - male


Nine Lives Camaro - male


Nine Lives Campari Rouge -male


Nine Lives Caprice - female


Nine Lives Champagne On Ice - female