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7./8.12.2018 CACIB Skopje
  • Horlend's Gilded Dog Gogh Nav "Gosha" exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • Vasuru Taffi's Beyonce "Bibi" exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • Padme Forum Romanum exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  • Nine Lives Arminius exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIS
  • Cayra Gallaunt exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • Cenva Forum Romanum "Sally" exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


28.06.2017 Our new champions

We have 2 new DWZRV German champions.

28.05.2017 CAC Zehlendorf

In Zehlendorf we reached our aim to finish the German Champion for our beautiful Clea (Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy). Only one CAC was missing and despite the high temperatures Clea showed herself nicely. Mrs. Szanka awarded her the CAC and we are very happy :-)

15.04.2017 CAC Greppin

Nine Lives One More Night, Jesta, was shown in Greppin today under Mr. van den Broek and he won his last CAC to become German Champion DWZRV :-)

He was also BOS and we are very happy :-)

Thanks to the judge who liked him and to Emil and Nicole for making it possible !

Jesta's daughter, Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy, Clea, was Exc 2, ResCAC and ResVDH, and our IG Tierris Ursula Thiess was exc 3.

And here is our outing....we have maybe one more show in Germany because beginning of August I am posted to Skopje/Macedonia and we will move with all our stuff and all animals :-)

28.01.2017 CAC Langerwish

It was a very exhausting, amazing, exciting and in terms of results, varied weekend, except with regard to the BOB we've got on Saturday, as well as on Sunday. Saturday - Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy "Clea" and Sunday - Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija "Conny". Clea received a SG on Sunday, just as Nine Lives One More Night "Jesta". Mr Buiten Kamp from the Netherlands was quite strict and forgave so some SG to the dogs that were not used to it!

On the results, the varied across:

Saturday, 28.01.2017:
Nine Lives One More Night "Jesta" OK : V3
Nine Lives Ziggy Stardust, Babyklasse : vvsp
Immortalized Alona "Alina", last class: VSP
Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija "Conny", Intermediate: V1, Vdh, rescac
Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy "Clea", Ok: V1, Vdh, CAC, Bob

Sunday, 29.01.2017:
Nine Lives One More Night "Jesta" OK : sg
Nine Lives Zagor, Babyklasse : vvsp
Immortalized Alona "Alina", last class: VSP 1
Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija "Conny", Intermediate: V1, Vdh, CAC, Bob
Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy "Clea", OK : sg

Nine lives Ylvi by Yves and Nico got on both days in the most recent class VSP and Nine Lives Victory Dream "Vico" of Bea got in at the ZK Saturday V2, ResVDH and on Sunday SG.

We were quite lucky with the weather. Today in the morning we got 20 inches of snow, which could have made our journey not so good!

The organization of exhibition was also great, even the power failure, which almost led to the demolition of the judge, could be solved thanks to a helpful electrician-visitor.

The license, which ran at the same time, took care of the reported dogs. I was then with my 4 dogs the last participant, on which because of the stabbing up to the BOB even patiently waited ....

But the judge's decisions is something to leave with. Of course, I was not very exited about the two SG, but it is always said that every successful dog will get SG or G at least once, then we would have done the thing for Jesta and Clea ;)


21.09.2016 CAC Gorzow

Yesterday Emil went to the show in Gorzow Wlk. in Poland with our whippet male Vasuru Taffi's Altair At Nine Lives to try to get his last CWC. Vaaleo won Open Class and finished his Polish title!

Well done, blue boy :-)

10.09.2016 CAC Eilenburg

Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija, Conny, won her third JCAC in Eilenburg with JBOB and JBIS! Now she finished her German Junior Champion DWZRV :-)

Our special thanks to Nicole Stephan who took Conny with her and showed her wonderfully!

Nine Lives Vanila Sky won ResJCAC and Nine Lives Riley won open class, congratulations to Friederike Völker and her husband Stefan and Tina Adomeit :-)

31.07.2016 CAC Zehlendorf


Zehlendorf is always good for a surprise, at least concerning the weather ! This time we had no rain, but a tornado. Ok, it was a small one but it was very interesting to see plastic coffee mugs and chair covers turning up in the sky. The friends of Doris Kleineberg and my friends were hanging on the edges of the tents to hinder them to fly away. No damage, only astonished comments.

It was big fun with all of you, Bea with Vico, Yves and Nico, Melena and Stefan with their family, Ines with Odin and her boyfriend and family Pelz with Dexter, and we had not only fun but also quite nice successes :

Our IG Tiffany Is Noveles won exc1, JCAC, JVDH, our whippet Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija got exc2, ResJCAC and ResJVDH, our whippet Cayra Gallaunt got exc2, ResCAC, ResVDH and our whippet Nine Lives Friday After Next, Amun, finished his Veteran Champion with VetCAC, VetVDH and VetBIS !!!!

Many thanks to the judges, Mr. Richter and Mr. Spörr, and many thanks for all the photos and esp. to Claudia Rube, whos photos I am allowed to use here :-)

Klaffenbach 2016


Klaffenbach 2016

What a wonderful weekend for us and our dogs ! Supported by beautiful summer weather we enjoyed an exciting Saturday, not only because of the successes of our dogs but also because some of our friends came to meet us. Friederike and Stefan arrived with NL Vanilla Sky, after a longer break she had to get used again to the show ring reaching vg 4 and Nina and Tim with NL Xadrian, who made his first experiences with a show around him with 3,5 months.

Under Mrs. Lennartz NL One More Night won in OC exc3, Cayra Gallaunt in IC exc2, ResVDH, Light Pearly Show Format in OC exc2 ResCAC and Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija in JC exc1, JVDH, JCAC, JBOB and BOB !

The weather stayed friendly to all of us at the dog show and brought a thunderstorm with heavy rain AFTER the show. When we had taken care of our dogs, we, Nina and Tim, Maik, Susi and Andreas, Iris and Nicole brought back some school memories and celebrated a party in the corridor of our hotel :-) The Greek Restaurant was booked out but we picked up our food from it, drinks we had brought from home und so our party was lasting till midnight :-)

On Sunday sun was back and the day became incredible nice for us.

Under Mr.Paunovic NL One More Night got again exc 3 in OC, Cayra Gallaunt won in IC exc1, VDH, CAC and LS Sachsen, Light Pearly Show Format got exc2 and ResVDH in OC and Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija could repeat her great success and won JC with exc1, JVDH, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and JBIS !
On Sunday for the first time the Wolfgang-Baumann-memory cup was awarded. It is a beautiful handmade glass cup with a Whippet motive, donated by Mr. Lemm, designed by a club member and Mrs. Verena Baumann meant it as a challenge cup for the BOB Whippet at the yearly Landes-Sieger-show in Saxonia.
Together with Wolfgang Baumann, Mr. Bürk, Mrs. Rottmann and my former partner Dietrich I visited the Centennial of the English Whippet Club in Uttoexeter/Greatbritain in 1999 and it became an unforgettable trip with very touching moments and impressions, so we were able to see the outstanding whippets Nevedith Justa Jesta and Pencloe Dutch Gold live.

It was very touching for me that our Palmy Rhapsodia Dominija became the very first Whippet, which won this unique memory cup. A moment in life that will stay ....

Again Klaffenbach was a great show ! The weather obviously had it in for us :-) The organisation was perfect, the judges were professional and friendly, the athmospäre was fair and happy and we had lots of fun

24.04.2016 CAC Rostock


CAC Rostock, what a remarkable day !
On the trip to Rostock we had snow storms and the highway was sometimes covered with snow, and it was the 24th of April ! Whole day it was extremely cold, the dogs were wrapped in coats and blankets and their owners protected themselves with gloves and hats. But it stayed whole day more or less dry, which was much better than forecasted smile emoticon

Achim Kiack of Almansor Kennel was judging the whippets and although it must have been very uncomfortable for him in the cold, he stayed patient and friendly to everybody.

We showed 3 whippets, Nine Lives One More Night won exc2, ResCAC.
Our Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy won exc1 and CAC.
Our 8-months old Palmy Rhapsodija Dominija showed herself very nicely at her very first show and Puppy BOB and later Puppy BIS. What a great start for our youngster !

The Italian Greyhounds were judged by Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne and Tieris Ursula Thiess won V2.

30/31.01.2016 CAC Langerwisch


CAC Langerwisch, a wonderful weekend ! Emil showed 3 of our Whippets and there were also some Nine LIves friends at the show : N.L. Tall Cool One of Viola and Uli was a bit wild after the long winter break, so he got exc 4 and our young whippet girls Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy won exc2 ResVDH in intermediate class and Cayra Gallaunt in Junior class exc3.

Great performance of N.L. Victory Dream of Andi und Bea, at his very first show he won Puppy class with vp1 :) Our N.L. One More Night won open class with CAC, he became BOB and BIS 3 !

We are very proud of our dogs and esp. of Vico and Jesta and we want to thank the judge Elmar Ststermann for the nice reports of our dogs !

On Sunday I went with Light Pearly Show Format "NIna", Vasuru Taffis Beyonce "Bibi", Samhain at Stabmeldys "Asmi" and Karstia Signature Edition "Edi" for the breeding permission "Körung" and all 4 made it easily :)

I want to thank Mrs. Piesik for the reports and Marco Sistermann for the sense of humor during the temperament checks of the dogs.

Many thanks to Nicole Stephan for showing Cayra and thanks to Nicole, Claudia and Andi for the great photos




31.10.2015 CACIB Prague


CACIB Prague, 31.10.2015, Nine Lives One More Night, Jesta, Open Class exc 1, CAC, and Your Ice Tea Lazarus, Mia, Champion class exc1, CAC, ResCACIB. The CACIBs went to very young whippets, but we are content. Jesta won his third Czech CAC and both showed themselves very nicely with Emil


20.09.2015 CAC Gorzów Wielkopolski


Today Manuela Bories and me went to Gorzow Wlkp. to the CWC- show and it was a successful day with a much better weather than expected. We tried the new tent which I ordered last year at Inken Neumann and it was fun to build it up and pack it after the show, no efforts needed :)

The Italian Greyhound male of Manu, Little Dragons Quatto, and my Whippet female Light Pearly Show Format won their first Polish CWC.

The two Whippet males Nine Lives One More Night and Tiger's Chaos Call Of The Wild finished their Polish Champion !

Unfortunately it was not much time to make photos, but maybe Manu could do some. I used older photos....

It was a great show, well organized, the timetable, the parking places, an installed big sink with several possibilities to fill up bowls, and esp. great is the information mail in two languages with map and ring locations the day before the show !

11.10.2015 CAC Gröditz


CAC Gröditz, what a wonderful day ! First I showed our Italian Greyhounds, Cenva Forum Romanum was alone in in babyclass, she showed herself with a super attitude and got a great report of our judge Olaf Knauber !

Tieris Ursula Thiess won JCAC and finished her Junior Championship and she became JBOB ! With our whippet we are on cloud 7 : N.L. Tall Cool One of Viola and Uli did not like the very cold weather, he moved nicely, but did not like to stand, he got exc 4 and also Nine Lives One More Night was freezing and did not move like usual, exc2.

It seemed that the girls were less impressed by the cold wind, in babyclass N.L. Vanilla Sky of family Völker got vp 2. Our Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy won JCAC and she became JBOB, BOB, JBIS and BIS 4 ! What a success for our 13 months old girl !

Samhain at Stabmeldys showed herself perfectly and won her first CAC in intermediate class. It was already nearly dark when we packed the stuff and the tent. Mr. Knauber had 89 sighthounds to judge, and although it was quite a lot, he stayed very friendly to all dogs and owners and enjoyed his job smile emoticon


15.08.2015 25-anniversary show of the Czech Whippet-and Greyhound-Club at Chrustenice(Prague)


It was a very hot summer weekend with a forecast of thunderstorms and rain when we went on Friday in the afternoon with 6 Whippets to Dresden. We stayed there overnight at Margit Müller and very early on Saturday morning we went to the 25-anniversary show of the Czech Whippet-and Greyhound-Club at Chrustenice near Prague. Show organizer Ales Fiedler invited the English breeder judges Mrs. Pamela Marston-Pollock (FALCONCRAG) and Mr. Roger Stock (COURTHILL). We had two wonderful days with our friends, thanks to Margit, and a very special "Thank you" goes to Christina Büschel and her husband Marco, who helped us a lot and Christina went into the ring with some of our dogs so fast, that her lunch became cold wink emoticon We had a lot of fun all together ! The weather was much better than forecasted, it was a bit too hot but no rain and our dogs were super-successful :

Nine Lives U Can't Touch This in Puppy Class(6) vp 3
Nine Lives One More Night in Open Class (9)exc 1, CAC
Tiger's Chaos Call Of The Wild in Open Class(9) exc 3
Cayra Gallaunt in Junior Class (9)exc 4
Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy in Junior Class(9) exc
Your Ice Tea Lazarus in Champion Class (11)exc

Nine Lives U Can't Touch This in Puppy Class (6)vp 2
Nine Lives One More Night in Open Class (9)exc 1, CAC, BEST Male, Best Movement, BOS
Tiger's Chaos Call Of The Wild in Open Class(9) exc 2
Cayra Gallaunt in Junior Class (12)exc
Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy in Junior Class (12)exc 3
Your Ice Tea Lazarus in Champion Class (11)exc 3
The show was perfectly organized. Ales managed the big event without problems and many busy helpers took care that the show was held without delay and nevertheless relaxed. Both judges took their time with the dogs, it was to be seen that they love whippets, but they managed to judge so many dogs without delay.
We are very proud of our Nine Lives One More Night "Jesta", who won 3 CAC under English breeder judges in less than a month !
This weekend 2 in Czech Republic and end of July at the Whippet Speciality in Klaffenbach CAC under Pauline Oliver, we want to thank the judges for their high opinion of our young male !


28.06.2015 CACIB show in Szczecin (Stettin) in Poland


Sunday, 28th of June 2015 we went to the CACIB show in Szczecin (Stettin) in Poland. And like last year it was raining again for some hours but we had a good tent, very friendly Polish neighbours and lots of fun !

We showed the Italian Greyhound male of our friend Sarah, Nine Lives Pinocchio ,"Pino", in open class: He won CWC, CACIB and became BOB !

Our Whippets were also quite successful.

Karstia Signature Edition, „Edi“, got exc 3 in intermediate class.
Nine Lives Nerai, owned by Sarah, was shown in open class. Nerai won the CWC and reached the first step to become Polish Champion !

Your Ice Tea Lazarus, „Mia“, won the champion class with CWC, CACIB and she became BOS !,

Many thanks to our judge Tatjana Urek from Slovenia.

It was like always a very nice show in Szczecin, a cultivated green place with huge show rings, many shopping tents and a perfect organisation. Unfortunately it might be that Szczecin will not have a CACIB show again, but many exhibitors, of course we, too, signed a petition in the show office to keep Szczecin as a CACIB show place !


07.06.2015 CAC Berlin Schmöckwitz


On Sunday 6th of June we went to the Show in Berlin-Schmöckwitz and spent a wonderful day with some of our friends and we brought very nice results back home:
First we had to show the Italian Greyhounds.
Nine Lives Pinocchio owned by our friend Sarah won in Open Class his third CAC, VDH and BOB.
Tieris Ursula Thiess was shown in Puppy Class, she won PuppyBOB.

Whippets were shown a bit later.
Nine Lives U Can't Touch This, handled by our friend Nicole, was shown his very first time in Puppy Class and got vp1, PuppyBOB and in the ring of honour he became PuppyBIS ! What a great start !
Our friends Viola und Ulli showed their youngster Nine Lives Tall Cool One in Junior Class and he won exc 2, ResJCAC and ResJVDH .
Nine Lives Riley of our friend Tina was entered in Intermediate Class and won exc1 and VDH.
In Open Class Emil showed Nine Lives Nerai, also owned by Sarah, and Nerai won his first CAC and VDH.

We took 3 Whippet females with us.
Also Cayra Gallaunt made her debut in Puppy Class and got vp1. Vasuru Taffi´s Beyonce was shown in Junior Class. Bibi gave her best and won her first JCAC and JVDH.
Light Pearly Show Format, "Nina", was shown in Intermediate Class and reached exc 2 and ResVDH.
After the show we enjoyed very tasty potatoe salad of Viola and fresh strawberries, brought by our friends Margit and Andreas.
Thanks to the judge Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk from Poland !


10.05.2015 CAC show in Wandlitz Zehlendorf


It was a very successful day at the CAC show in Wandlitz Zehlendorf on 10th of May 2015 :

Efrosina Ekaterina Synergy made her debut in Puppy Class and got vp 2.

Vasuru Taffis Beyonce was shown in Junior Class and won exc 2, JResVDH, JResCAC.

Light Pearly Show Format won Intermediate Class with exc 1, VDH, CAC and she became Best Female.

Tigers Chaos Call of the Wild won Open Class Males with exc 1, VDH, CAC, he became Best Male, BOB and finally BIS 4.

Following the success of his sire, Nine Lives Tall Cool One who was shown in Puppy Class Males got vp1, Puppy BOB and Puppy BIS 1 !

We also showed our young Italian Greyhound girl Tieris Ursula Thiess, "Ella", in Puppy Class. She won vp 1, Puppy BOB and Puppy BIS 3.

We are very proud of our youngsters who gave their very best although the weather was more than unfriendly, windy and cold.

And because many of our puppies are living in the area around Berlin we invited to a spontaneous kennel meeting. It was so great to meet Nine Lives Light My Way,"Kira", NL Martini Kiss, NL Magic Moments "Aaron", NL Summer Moves On, "Sorella", NL Timothey, "Dexter", NL U Get Me High, "Tiger", and NL Under A Cloud, "Sami" ! Thanks to your loving owners to meet us in Zehlendorf although it was very cold !

Big thanks also to the judges Mr. Spörr from Austria and Mr. Levente from Hungary and to the organizers of the show for a wonderful weekend.


08.03.2015 CACIB Zielona Gora


On 08.03.2015 Emil and Nicole went to our first show this year to CACIB Zielona Gora/Drzonkow in Poland under judge Andrzej Brabletz from Poland and showed Vasuru Taffi's Altair at Nine Lives and Your Ice Tea Lazarus.

Vasuru Taffi's Altair at Nine Lives won CAC, CACIB and BOS and Your Ice Tea Lazarus won CAC, CACIB and BOB !

Thanks to the judge and the excellent organisation.

We are really proud of these great results. Especially of our bitch Mia, Your Ice Tea Lazarus, being in excellent condition only 6,5 month after having a litter with ten puppies. One of her very promising boys, Nine Lives Tiny Dancer, is still searching his loving (show) home.

Vasuru Taffi´s Altair at Nine Lives is looking forward to inquires for matings. We expect puppies of him out of Nine Lives Joueuse and Pastelpearl Anna's Eighty-Eight.




27.09.2014 CAC Gröditz


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Gröditz. Under the Austrian judge Mr. Blümel Nine Lives Riley, owned by Tina Adomeit, finished his German Juniorchampion and became Best Male. Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild, "Ranu" won his third CAC. Our young female Light Pearly Show Format got exc 2 in Junior Class, ResJCAC and Vasuru Taffi's Beyonce, "Bibi", got vp1 in Baby Class and became Best Baby in Show Pastelpearl Anna's Eighty-Eight, "Hilda" ,was not very cooperative with me and got only vg 4 this time.

Nine Lives Caprice, owned by Steffen Wahode finished her Veteran Champion and became Best Veteran Nine Lives Jollie Fille, owned by Sabine Brakowski got exc3 in Open Class Bitches.

Weather was great, sunshine and blue sky, the ring was well prepared and very big and our cars could be parked nearby, so not so much work to carry

We were pleased also with the organisation, it was different from other shows where lunch is limited for 2-3 hours around lunch time, in Gröditz we could have a tasty warm lunch after judging during whole afternoon, which was great.


21.09.2014 Gorzow Wielkopolski


Italian Greyhound female Intermediate Class Nine Lives Penelope, owned by Katy Körnich, exc 1, CWC, BOB !
Whippet female Junior Class Light Pearly Show Format exc 1, JCWC, BOB !
Whippet female Open Class Nine Lives In Ideal Inspiration exc 1 !
Whippet Male Open Class Almaglo Otis exc 1, CWC, BOS !
Whippet Male Intermediate Class Nine Lives One Man Show, owned by Sandra Götzmann, exc 1, CWC !


13.09.2014 CAC Eilenburg


On Saturday 13th September we went to the Show in Eilenburg and brought very nice results back home:

We took 2 Whippet females with us.
Vasuru Taffi´s Beyonce was shown first time in Baby Class. Our little Bibi got a great judges’ report and vp. She liked her performance in the ring of honor, esp. because she won a tasty little reward ;-)

Light Pearly Show Format, "Nina", was first time shown in Junior Class and reached exc 4.

2 of our Whippet males came with us to the show, Almalgo Otis reached exc 2, ResVDH in Open Class.

We were very much pleased with Nine Lives Riley, owned by Tina Adomeit ! Riley won Junior Class and his second JCAC and JVDH.

Also shown in Open Class was Nine Lives Light my Fire, "Jason", owned by Melanie Otto. “Jason” won the class with exc1, CAC, VDH, Best Male, BOB and later in the ring of honour he won BIS ! We are so proud of beautiful “Jason”, presented perfectly by Melanie.

All about “Jason” here:

Thanks to the judges Mrs I. Urschitz/ AT and Mr. O. Knauber !


09.08.2014 CAC Zehlendorf


On Saturday we went to Zehlendorf to show some of our dogs. Again we reached very nice results

The Whippet males:
Karstia Signature Edition, Edi, shown in puppy class, got vp 1. Congratulations especially to Nine Lives Riley at his second show ! in Junior class he won exc 1, JVDH, JCWC, JBOB, BM, BOS and JBIS.
Open Class:
Leagrim Liuths vom Elfenhain, Levin reached exc 2 Almalgo Otis reached exc 3.

The Whippet females:
Light Pearly show format, "Nina" reached a vp2 in puppy class.
Pastelpearl Anna's Eighty Eight, "Hilda" competed in a strong open class. She reached the exc 1 and received the CWC.

Many thanks to the judges Mr. Erdös / HU and Mrs. Dr. Bennemann


29.07.2014 Klaffenbach in Saxonia


On Sunday, 27th July 2014, we went to Klaffenbach in Saxonia, to show some of our dogs at the Landessiegerschau 2014 in the surroundings of the beautiful moated castle Klaffenbach.

It was the very first show for two of our latest additions to the family, the beautiful whippet females Samhain At Stabmeldys, "Asmi", and Light Pearly Show Format, "Nina"
. Samhain At Stabmeldys, "Asmi", was shown in Baby Class . Our cute Asmi is an active and lively girl and showed herself very playful with a lot of temperament and was rewarded with vp 1 and BabyBOB.

Light Pearly Show Format, "Nina", was shown in Puppy Class. Our elegant sweet Pearl with her lovely character got vp 1 and became PuppyBOB.

Pastelpearl Anna´s Eighty Eight, "Hilda", got exc 3 in Open Class.

We also showed some of our Whippet males : Karstia Signature Edition, "Edi", was shown in Puppy Class. He got vp 1 and PuppyBOS.

In Junior Class Nine Lives Raven won exc 1, JVDH, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, Landesjugendsieger Sachsen 2014 and he became JBIS ! Shown a second time in the ring of honour Raven became also BIS 4. With his third JCAC in a row he achieved the Junior Champion DWZRV ! We are very proud of Raven, who is coowned with Sylvia Salomon.

In Open Class Leagrim liuths vom Elfenhain, "Levin", owned by Nicole Stephan, got exc 4.

Our Italian Greyhound Nine Lives Pinocchio, coowned with Sarah, was again very successful and won exc 1, JVDH, JCAC JBOB, BOB und Landesjugendsieger Sachsen 2014 ! In the ring of honour he became BIS 5.

Many thanks to the judge Mr. Jipping for these great results !


20.07.2014 CAC Koszalin


On Sunday, 20th of July, we went to Koszalin in Poland to show some of our dogs. It was a wonderful summer day and it was also a wonderful show day for us !

The IG Nine Lives Pinocchio of our friend Sa Wol was entered in Intermediate Class and won exc 1, CWC, BOB and BIG 3.

Our Whippet male Tiger’s Chaos Call of the Wild, “Ranu”, won exc 1, CWC in Open Class and BOS, and our Whippet female Pastelpearl Anna’s Eighty-Eight, “Hilda”, was shown in Open Class and got exc 1, CWC, BOB and BIG 4.

Also entered were the two Magyar Agar bitches of our friends Birgit Matschiess and Martin Brechmann. Devaj 1976 Jade in Junior Class won exc 1, JCWC, JBOB and JBIG 1 ! Jade finished with this last CWC her Polish Junior Championship !
Devaj 1976 Hajsza was entered in Open Class and got exc 1, CWC, BOB and BIG 2.

Thanks to our judge Mrs. Ewa Stolarska for appreciating our dogs !


CACIB Szczecin (Stettin) Polen 29.06.2014

On Sunday 06/29/2014 we spent a successful day in Szczecin (Stettin) Poland.
Unfortunately, the weather god was this time not quite so friendly to us. Nevertheless we enjoyed to meet our friends and had a lot of fun. It is always great to meet friends from all over the world !

We presented Magyar Agar, Whippet and Italian greyhound:
The two Magyar Agar ladies, both owned by Birgit Matschiess and Martin Brechmann, were quite successful :
Devaj 1976 Jade was shown in junior class. She won JCWC and became BOB.
Devaj 1976 Hajsza was shown in open class. She won CWC and CACIB.

In the Italian Greyhound ring we showed :
Nine Lives Pinocchio "Pino" in intermediate class: He won CWC, CACIB and was BOS and he is owned by Sa Woll.

Our Whippets :
Nine Lives One More Night "Jesta" was presented in intermediate class: He won CWC, CACIB and was BOS.

We are very proud of Leagrim liuths vom Elfenhain "Levin" winning open class with his third and last CWC for his Polish Championship.
Ch Nine Lives Friday After Next "Amun" won champion class with CWC and ResCACIB. He fulfills also the requirements for the Polish Champion.
J.Ch. Pastelpearl Anna's Eighty Eight Butterfly "Hilda" reached in Open Class CWC and ResCACIB, and Almansor's Sweet Temptation, "Sweety", was shown in champion class and reached exc 3. Sweety is owned by Margit Müller.

Many thanks to Judge Tomasz Kuszyk.

Thanks for the nice pictures to Mrs. Litvinova Mariya.


Greyhound Jahresausstellung 05.07.2014

On 05.07.2014 we went to the Greyhound annual show in Darmstadt. The weather was not that bad, light rain but comfortable temperatures, so the dogs showed themselves nicely. We achieved the following results:

Jet's Smoke'n Amber, Milla, owned by Margit Müller, was presented by Emil Perkovski in champion class, reaching exc 3.
Margit's Whippet bitch, Almansor's Sweet Temptation, Sweety, shown by Nicole Stephan, reached exc1 in champion class.
And once again the personal highlight:of Nicole :
Her whippet male, Leagrim liuths from Elfenhain, Levin, won open class and received exc 1, VDH and ResCAC ! Levin was presented by Emil Perkovski.

You two did really great again!

Thank you to judge Mrs. Märki Casanova.


CAC Tüttleben 07.06.2014

On Sunday, 06/07/2014, we participated at the national show in Gorzow (Poland).
The temperatures felt really good to us, with bright sunshine and 30 degrees showing is much more fun than in rainy weather.
We are very proud of our young Whippet Male Nine Lives One More Night, Jesta, won Intermediate Class with exc 1, he got the CWC, was also best male and won BOG 4.
Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild, Ranu, received exc 2 in open class males. Pastelpearl Anna's Eighty Eight Butterfly, Hilda reached exc 2 in open class bitches.

Thank you to judge Mrs. Veronika Kucerova-Chrpová.

The Magyar Agar bitch Devaj 1976 Jade, owned by Birgit Matschiess and Martin Brechmann was shown in junior class. She won the JCWC.
Devaj 1976 Hajsza was shown in open class and reached exc 2.

Many thanks to the judge Mr. Piotr Krol.

Gorzow we will come back.


CAC Zehhlendorf 25.05.2014

A wonderfully beautiful and successful summer day with our dogs and friends in Zehlendorf on 25th of May 2014- we would appreciate a follow-up !

We spent the day with Nicole Stephan, Sandra Götzmann, Daniela Kocher, Margit Müller, Sylvia Salomon, Birgit Matschiess, Martin Brechmann, Katy Körnich, Melanie Achenbach, Sa Woll, Manuela Bories and many others.

Karstia Signature Edition, our "Edi", was entered at his second show in Puppy Class and was vp1 and PuppyBOB.

Nine Lives Call Me Mister, "Gandhi", owned by Sylvia Salomon, was shown in Veteran Class, he got exc1, VetVDH, VetCAC and VetBOB.
Ghandi became veteran champion DWZRV with this last VetCAC !

Nine Lives Raven, also owned by Sylvia Salomon, won Junior Class with exc1, JgdVDH, JgdCAC, he became Junior Winner Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

Nine Lives One Man Show , "Otto", was shown by his owner Sandra Götzmann and reached exc 4 in Intermediate Class.

Vasuru Taffi's Altair, "Vaaleo", received exc2 and ResVDH also in Intermediate Class. Leagrim liuths from Elfenhain, "Levin", of Nicole Stephan was shown for the first time in Open Class and reached exc2, ResVDH and ResCAC.

Almaglo Otis, also shown in Open Class got exc4.

Almansor's Sweet Temptation, "Sweety , owned by Margit Müller, received exc1, VDH in Champion Class

. Our highlight of the day : Pastelpearl Anna `s Eighty Eight, "Hilda", after a 2 years show break, got exc1, VDH, CAC, BH, BOB in Open Class and became Landessieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

The Greyhound bitch Jet's Smoke'n Amber, "Milla" owned by Margit Müller and handled by Emil Perkovski got exc1, VDH, BOB in Champion Class and became Landessieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

Thanks to our judge in Ring 2 Mr Marco Sistermann for these great results.

The other breeds were judged by Antoan Hlebarov from Bulgaria.

Magyar Agar bitch Devaj 1976 Jade won exc1, JVDH JCAC, JBOB, BOB in Junior Class and became Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014 ! Her owners Martin Brechmann and Birgit Matschiess were very happy !

Her sister Devaj 1976 Jazz, our "Plüschi", got exc2 ResJVDH, ResJCAC in Junior Class.

In Intermediate Class "Devaj 1976 Hajsza", also owned by Martin Brechmann and Birgit Matschiess, won exc1, VDH, CAC and she became Landessieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

Italian Greyhound Nine Lives Pinocchio, "Pino", was shown in Junior Class and received exc1 JVDH JCAC and he became Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014. Winning the third JCAC, Pino became Junior Champion DWZRV.

His sister Nine Lives Penelope, owned and presented by Katy Körnich, received exc1, JVDH, JCAC, JBOB in Junior Class and became Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

Hadrian Nero Is Noveles," Nero ", won exc1, VDH and BOB in Champion Class and he became Landessieger Berlin Brandenburg 2014.

The Borzoi bitch Bilans No Doubt, owned and presented by Melanie Achenbach in Junior Class, won exc1, JVDH, JCAC, JBOB and became Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

Many thanks to our judge in Ring 1 Mr J. Antoan Hlebarov for these great results.


CACIB Neumünster 31.05.2014

Nine Lives Pinocchio (Hadrian Nero Is Noveles x Eledi Grace Godiva) won junior class with exc. 1, JCAC, JVDH, JBOB & VDH Junior Winner Schleswig Holstein 2014 Now Pino also finished Junior Champion VDH


CAC Tüttleben 07.06.2014

Sunny weather with very comfortable temperatures made it easy to spend a beautiful day in Tüttleben on 7th of June 2014.

We can be very proud and satisfied with our very successful youngsters and with our other dogs.

The Italian Greyhounds were presented under judge Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk :

Rafaele Luce Is Noveles "Rafi" had a very successful start in baby class with just 4.5 months, he got vp1 and was BOB baby. His first show was not only very exciting for him but also tiring, so in the ring of honor he was no longer that enthusiastic and finished his final round in the arms of Nicole Stephan. Congratulations to the Whippetbitch Delirious nothing compares to you to Baby BIS.

Nine Lives Pinocchio "Pino" was shown in intermediate class, he reached exc1, VDH, CAC.

In Veteran class Eledi Grace Godiva "Diva" was exc1, VetCAC, Vet VDH and later she became Vet BOB.

Magyar Agar dog Devaj 1976 Jazz got exc1, JVDH, JCAC, JBOB and BOB.

The Whippets were judged by Mr. Marco Sistermann :

In puppy class achieved our Karstia Signature Edition "Edi" vp1 and became PuppyBOB. He presented himself very positively and was rewarded at his third exhibition with PuppyBIS in the ring of honor under Mr. Manuel Loureiro Borges. Edi was shown by Nicole who is very proud and happy to show this friendly and outgoing youngster.

Nine Lives Riley, also for the first time ever in the ring, did a great job and got exc4 in Junior Class. We hope that his owner Tina Adomeit will come with us to many more shows in the future .

Leagrim liuths from Elfenhain, "Levin" got a V in a big open class. Nicole sends special thanks to Emil Perkovski for the nice handling.

The Magyar Agar bitch Devaj 1976 Jazz, "Plüschi" was under Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk with exc1, YouthVDH, YouthCAC, BB, YouthBOB, BOB.



12-13.04.2014 Show in Chemnitz
We went to the double show in Chemnitz on 12th and 13th of April 2014 to show some of our dogs and meet our friends. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend for us all !
On Saturday at the CACIB under Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk from Poland we showed our Italian Greyhound, Nine Lives Pinocchio, who won Junior class and got his first JCAC, JVDH and JBOB !
Our young whippet male Nine Lives One More Night, Jesta, won JCAC, JVDH and he finished his Junior Championship DWZRV.
PurePrecious Ain't it Funny, Abbey, got exc3.
I also showed Almansor's Sweet Tempation of our friend Margit Müller and won CACIB and VDH with her.

On second day it was a CAC show for Sighthounds and we showed some more dogs under Mrs. Poduschka-Aigner from Austria.

We started with Italian Greyhounds and again Nine Lives Pinocchio won Junior class, got his secondJCAC, JVDH and Best Male !
His sister Nine Lives Penelope, owned by our friend Katy Körnich, won JCAC, JVDH, JBOB and BOB, what a great result for the youngsters !

We also showed two Magyar Agar bitches, Devaj 1976 Jade of Birgit Matschiess and Martin Brechmann, handled by Emil, won JCAC, JVDH, JVDH, JBOB, BOB and JBIS ! Her sister Devaj 1976 Jazz, owned by us, got exc2, ResJCAC and ResJVDH. Our first steps with Magyar Agars were quite successful, thanks to Jutka Szanka from Hungary to let Jazz join us and thanks to Birgit and Martin who brought Jazz together with Jade :-)

With our whippets we had also wonderful results.

Our youngest addition, Karstia Signature Edition, co-owned with our friend Nicole Stephan, was shown in Baby class and he did very well on his first show, he got vp, handled by Nicole.

Nine Lives Call me Mister, Gandhi, co-owned by Sylvia Salomon, is still in a very nice condition, winning his second VetCAC, VetVDH, VetBOB and VETBIS with 11 years !

In Junior Class we showed Nine Lives Raven, co-owned with Sylvia Salomon, and Vasuru Taffi's Altair, Vaaleo. Vaaleo got exc 2, ResJCAC and ResJVDH, Raven got exc1, JCAC, JVDH, JBOB, BOB and later in the ring of honour he won BIS with only 10 months on his second show !

Nine Lives Light My Fire, a full brother of Raven, owned by our friend Melanie Otto, won the Open Class and got CAC and VDH.

Our young girl Camilla Camelia Synergy, usually she is a very nice mover, but she decided to jump over the black stripes between the carpets, so she got only vg this time.

We had three dogs in the Junior BIS ring, Devaj 1976 Jade handled by Emil, Nine Lives Raven, handled by me and IG Nine Lives Penelope, owned and handled by Katy Körnich. Mr. Kuszyk gave JBIS to Devaj 1976 Jade !

For the decision for the BIS we also had these three dogs in the ring and Mrs. Poduschka-Aigner choose Nine Lives Raven for BIS !


whippet-nine-lives-Magyar Agar Jade&Jazz

whippet-nine-lives-Magyar Agar Jade&Jazz

Nine Lives Light my Fire-Jason

Nine Lives Whippet Gandhi

Nine Lives Whippet Milla

Nine Lives Whipppet&Windspiel

Nine Lives Windspiel Anna

Nine Lives Windspiel-Penny BOB

Nine Lives Windspiel-Pino BOS

Nine Lives Windspiel-Penny

Nine Lives Raven BIS Cac Chemnitz

Almansor's Sweet Tempation 1

Levin 1

Nine Lives One More Night


Vasuru Taffi's Altair at Nine Lives

29.11.2013 Show in Swiedbodzice in Poland
On 29th of Novemer 2013 Emil went together with our friends Margit, Andreas, Nicole and Alex to the show in Swiedbodzice in Poland. The show was nicely organized, a clean heated hall with enough places to sit and watch. The organizers prepared a wonderful amount of very nice rewards for the winners, all was done and prepared with a lot of heart. They invited interesting judges from abroad.

Our show team was very successful !
Italian Greyhound Hadrian Nero Is Noveles won his last CWC for his Polish Championship and was BOB of 8 Italian Greyhounds and later he on BOG! We are very proud of our black boy :-)

Nine Lives Friday After Next won his 3rd CWC and also BOB of 7 Whippets.
The Whippet bitch Almansor's Sweet Temptation of Margit Müller won her first CWC and BOS and her Greyhound bitch Jet's Smoke N Amber won her last CWC for her Polish Championship and BOB and BOG 4.
The Whippet male Leagrim liuths vom Elfenhain of Nicole and Alex Stephan won his second CWC.
Every group winner of each day, Friday and Saturday, got a surprise reward, the organizers offered a hotel room in a castle ! So every group winner had the possibility to take part in the BIS competition on Sunday.

It was a very nice finish of the show season 2013 for us and our friends and pretty sure we will go again to Swiebodzice !

All photos were sent to us with permission to be used on our web site from Katarzyna Mijakowska.







13.10.013 Show in Gorzow Wielkopolski
On 13th of October we went to Gorzow Wielkopolski to show some of our dogs and dogs of our friends under Mrs. Misterka-Kluska.
Italian Greyhound Nine Lives Pinocchio won Puppy Class and became Puppy BOB. Our Italian Greyhound Hadrian Nero Is Noveles won Open Class with CWC and Best Male.
Our whippets were also quite successful, Nine Lives Joueuse won her third CWC and became Best Female.

Nine Lives Nerai ( Nive Lives Friday After Next x Nevedith Mfa Maria) won his second JCWC, became JBOB and later BOB and BIG 2, handled by our friend Nicole ! We are very proud of our youngster and of our show team :-)
Absolutely stunning was the Greyhound bitch of our friend Margit Müller, Jet's Smoke N Amber won her third CWC, BOB, BIG and "Milla" became BIS 2 !

It was a great weekend !






14.09.013 Show in Eilenburg
On 14th of September 2013 we went to Eilenburg to show our whippets under Mr. Henne, IG were judged by Mrs. Krah-Heiermann.
The IG Nine Lives Penelope of Katy Körnich got vp1 and won PuppyBIS. Penny won a bottle of wine, the bottle was much higher and heavier than she herself !

Our whippet male Nine Lives One More Night, "Jesta", won in Junior Class exc2, ResJVDH, Nine Lives Nerai got exc4 and Almaglo Otis in Open Class V1, VDH, ResCAC. Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild, "Ranu", won Intermediate Class and CAC und VDH , he became Best Male ! A great success for our Finnish boy !

Females Nine Lives Joueuse, "Panda" and PurePreciouus Aint It Funny,"Abbey" won in the open class V-2,Res VDH and V-1,VDH and later Abbey won as well ResCAC.

We had a sunny and lovely show day with our friends !

We have 4 new DWZRV Champions
Dt. CH DWZRV Nevedith Mfa Maria
Dt. Jun Ch DWZRV Nine Lives Joueuse
Dt. Vet Ch DWZRV Nine Lives Bajka
Dt. Vet Ch DWZRV Eureka Gorzowska Panorama

31.08.013 Show in Chorzow
On 31st of August we went to Chorzow in Poland to show under the Polish Sighthound specialist Mrs. Hanna Wozna-Gil.
In Baby Class the Italian Greyhound Puppy Nine Lives Pinocchio got vp1 and became Best Italian Greyhound Baby.
In Open Class our Italian Greyhound male Hadrian Nero Is Noveles won the CWC.

Our Whippets were even more successful !

In Junior Class the young male, Nine Lives Nerai, won his first JCWC, JBOB and later JBIS 4. A great result for his first show !
In Open Class our Nine Lives Friday After Next got CWC and in Champion Class our Highnote Secret Dazzler won CWC and BOS.
He finished his Polish Championship !
Also our bitches won their classes. In Open Class Nine Lives Joueuse won CWC and BOB !
Nevedith Mfa Maria won her CWC in Champion Class.

The whippet male of our friend Nicole Stephan won his first CWC in Intermediate Class and Greyhound bitch Jet's Smoke N Amber of our friend Margit Müller won her CWC and BOG 4 !

It was a wonderful show day !

10.08.013 Show in Zehlendorf
We had another great weekend with our dogs. Very late we entered in Zehlendorf under Mrs. Märki-Casanova from Switzerland. But it was worth to be there today ! 37 Whippets were entered.

We showed Nine Lives One More Night in Junior Class and he won JCAC, JVDH and JBOB, in Open Class Almaglo Otis got Exc 2, in Intermediate Class, his debut in this class, Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild won CAC, VDH and BOB, just 15 months old, and Nevedith Mfa Maria won CAC, VDH and BOS and she became German Champion today ! Vasuru Taffi's Altair participated at his first show with 6 months and was vp 1 and got a great judges report !

Nine Lives One More Night

Nine Lives One More Night

Nine Lives One More Night

Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild

Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild

Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild

Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild

Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild

Almaglo Otis

Almaglo Otis

Almaglo Otis

Nevedith Mfa Maria

Nevedith Mfa Maria

Nevedith Mfa Maria


27.-28.07.013 Show in Wasserschloss Klaffenbach
We had a great weekend in Klaffenbach, Saturday under Mrs. Schröter our IG Hadrian Nero Is Noveles was BOB, our whippet male Almaglo Otis got ResCAC and Nine Lives Friday After Next won the Champion Class.
Sunday under Mr. Hlebarov was absolutely wonderful for us ! Our IG Hadrian Nero Is Noveles again BOB and Landessieger Sachsen 2013, and Eureka Gorzowska Panorama VetCAC, Landessiegerin Sachsen 2013 and BOS.

We showed the whippets Nine Lives One More Night in Junior Class with JCAC, Jugendlandessieger Sachsen 2013 and JBOB, in Open Class Almaglo Otis with CAC, in Champion Class Nine Lives Friday After Next with Landessieger Sachsen 2013 and BOB and Nevedith Mfa Maria with CAC, Landessiegerin Sachsen 2013 and BOS. Nevedith Jayfa Jaymee, coowned with Mrs. Margit Müller, won VetCAC, VetLandessieger Sachsen 2013 and VetBIS !

Beside the great results we had a lot of fun with our friends !

07/07/2013 Show in Gorzow Wielkopolski
We have been to the CAC show in Gorzow Wielkolpolski/Poland on 7th of July 2013 to show 4 whippets under Mrs. Garzyna Pindera from Poland.
Nine Lives Friday After Next won CWC in Open Class and Highnote Secret Dazzler won CWC in Champion Class and became BOS. Nine Lives Joueuse won CWC in Open Class and Nevedith Mfa Maria won CWC in Champion Class and became BOB and BIG 3. We are very happy with these great results !

It was a nice show, well organized and on a nice showground, a big football place. Sun was shining the whole day and it was a great athmosphere at ringside without stress.

Nevedith Mfa Maria and Highnote Secret Dazzler, owner Ulrike Homer

Preparation for the ring of honour

Ring of honour

Nevedith Mfa Maria, BOG 3, owner Ulrike Homer

  We have 4 new Int. Champions



27/04/2013 Whippet Speciality in Wismar
On Saturday 27 we went to show some of our males at the Whippet Speciality 2013 in Wismar under the judge Mrs. Suligoi from Switzerland.Mainly we wanted to bring our 3 puppies of the O-litter to get them used to shows. We entered 5 males, beside the 3 puppies we entered our 1 year old Tiger's Chaos Call of the Wild, "RANU", and one of our most experienced  and successfull males Nine Lives Friday After Next "AMUN".
The 3 Puppies were behaving nicely for their first time in the ring, showing themselves with selfassurance but sometimes loosing concentration because of the strong wind blowing the tents and many things around.

All 3 of them got vp but it was Nine Lives One More Night, "JESTA",  who got a placement in his class, he was vp3.
Ranu was exc but he did not get a placement in his class.
Amun was competing in a very strong Champion class with several excellent dogs, some came from abroad.
In that strong class AMUN was placed exc-1  but he lost Best Male against a very young dog of the small Intermediate Class.
All in all we were content that our puppies were showing themselves nicely and esp. that showed excellent movement in the ring. Mrs. Suligoi was doing very well with all dogs, encouraging esp. the young dogs, so that it was a really nice start for them.
Ranu was behaving much better and more selfassured in the ring than at his first show some weeks ago and Amun showed his effortless daiy-cutting movement which took  the attention of the spectators around the ring.

Considering the show and the organisation it was really bad luck with the weather, the previous day it was raining terribly but in my oppinion, the rings for the yearly speciality were way to small (there was enough place in the nice park to make bigger rings) and it could and it should have been done a bit more, I didn't had a feeling that this was yearly speciality at all, it was just like a normal sighthound show.









30/09/2012 CACIB Zehlendorf, Germany
This week end in Freiburg Melanie showed our young male Nine Lives Light my Fire under the judge Mr. E. Sistermann.
Nine Lives Joyeux -Jester- was shown in Open class and got exc 4.
Nine Lives Light my Fire-Jason- was shown in Junior class and he won his class and later he was Junior BOB. In the BIS selection for junior winner he was choosen for the short selection.


30/08/2012 CACIB Zehlendorf, Germany
With my friend Melanie we went to the CAC show in Zehlendorf looking forward to meet friends. It was a nice sunny day and many friends showed up, including the new  owners of puppies of our last litters. We spent the day chatting, laughing, collecting experience with the puppies and showing our dogs.

Some of our dogs and dogs of our breeding were shown and here are the results :

Nine Lives Jolie Fille "Gretchen" had her debut in intermediate class, she got Exc 1 and later she won RCAC.

IG Eureka Gorzoska Panorama "Lilly" with her 8 1/2 years was entered in veteran class where she showed that still she can  present herself in the ring like she did when she was competing in open and champion class. Mentionned in the judges report : Great classical movement !



29/08/2012 CACIB Ohrid, Macedonia


On the second CACIB show, our Italian Greyhound male, Hadrian Nero is Noveles "Nero", was entered.
In the ring he was relaxed and self assured, showing himself perfectly and so he won his last CACIB for his INT Championship.


27/08/2012 CACIB Ohrid, Macedonia


This was a surprise trip, we had not planned to go on such a long trip this year, but it did take place and it was a great time. The show was held in the garden of a hotel, where the rings were placed close to the beautiful Ohrid Lake. On the first day was CACIB Ohrid and we showed our whippet male Almaglio Otis where he took the Macedonian CAC  and CACIB and later he was BOS.


04/08/2012 Donaueschingen SIghthound festival


On Saturday Jason (Nine Lives Light my Fire) was entered first time in junior class at the famous show in Donaueschingen. The judge was Mrs. M. Nordin from Sweden. Jason was presented nicely by his owner Melanie Otto and achieved the following results: Jun VDH,Jun CAC and Junior Winner Donaueschingen 2012.
What a start for our young boy, after winning a BIS Puppy he continues to show his quality..



21/07/2012 CAC sighthound specialty at Klaffenbach, Germany


Show result from the CAC sighthound specialty at Klaffenbach, Judge Mrs.Mueller from Switzerland

At this show we showed 2 of our female whippets and the girls were just perfect, having fun in the ring where they achieved the following results:

Pure Precious Ain`t it Funny (Abbey) got V-1,Jun CAC, Jun VDH, Jun BOB and BOS. With this Jun CAC Abbey became JUN CH DWZRV.

Nine Lives Joueuse (Panda) got  ResCAC


14/07/2012 CAC Gruna


Show Results from CAC Gruna where our little Italian Greyhound female Ana won her first CAC.
Under the judge Mr.Krol from Poland,Ana also managed to win BOB as well.
On the same show under the judge Mr.Richter from Germany our  Nine Lives Baika won Vet VDH and Vet CAC .


4/07/2012 CACIB Szczecin Poland, Mr.Kazmierski from Poland


We went to this show with a couple of our dogs which were just missing one CACIB to fulfill the conditions to achieve  their INT CH certificate. The show was nicely organized and crowded, a great  number of dogs wre entered and the competition was strong. But everything went just like a dream, so fast and so unreal, we had really really a very successful day. Our dogs got the following results:

Saluki - Dolunay El-Rub' al-Khali (Dolunay) got CWC(class winner),CACIB and BOS, so with this CACIB she became INT CH.

Whippet - Nevedith Jayfa Jaymee(Jaymee), co-owner Margit Müller, got CWC and this was the last of 4, so he became POl CH

Whippet - Highnote Secret Dazzler (Dan) got  CWC,CACIB and BOS, the last CACIB to get his INT CH

Whippet - Nut in Sugar Minori ad Majus (Sugar) was V-3 in a very strong competition, she was just great, showing herself as usual.

Italian Greyhound - Hadrian Nero is Noveles (Nero) was star of the day, in a competition with a big entry he was stunning, self assured, so he got  CWC,CACIB and BOS. He needs only 1 more CACIB for his INT CH.

Greyhound - Jet`s Smoke N' Amber (Milla) owned by our friend Margit Müller is already used to win and in Szczecin she got CWC,CACIB, BOB and in the group she was BOG 4.


3/6/2012 Tüttleben


After Nine Lives Light up the Sky and Nine Lives Light of Love won Puppy BIS in Germany and Finland, it was the turn for Nine Lives Light Streams to win Puppy BOB under judge Mrs. van Zanten from Holland.

Previous day at CAC Freiburg, our little boy, Nine Lives Light my Fire (Jason) was shown under judge Mr. Anschober from Austria. Jason, presented by Melanie Otto, showed himself with a super attitude and got great compliments from the judge who also gave him Puppy BOB without a doubt.
What a great start for our L- Litter, this makes us very proud and happy.


19&20/5/2012 CAC Zehlendorf, Germany


Great results for our whippet male Almaglo Otis who made a great start by winning 2 CAC D in one weekend.He was also the best male on both days.
On the first day judge was Mr.P. Mazura from Austria and on the second was Mr.Djordje Tesic from Hungary.


2012 L litter show results


There are new show results. Very nice news are coming from our L- litter puppies,they have all started in Baby class. Our little girl Nine Lives Light my Love, which is now in Finland in the Tiger's Chaos Team, won Puppy BOB at her very first show.

As well we have great news  from Tommy Schleifer who was at the sighthound speciality in Schwarzenfeld where he showed 2 of his dogs under judge Mrs.Mueller from Switzerland :

Nine Lives Light my Sky was VP1 and won Baby BOB
Nine Lives Joujou was V-3 in open class

At this show 2 dogs which have the same sire, Highnote Secret Dazzler, our Dan, were shown in open class with following results: 

JouJou was 3 and the winner was Igracek od Hnevina who got V-1,VDH and Res CAC


21&22.04.2012 CACIB & CAC Dresden, Germany


21.04.2012     CACIB Dresden, Judge  Mr.Joachim Kiack from Germany


Intermediate Class  Igracek od Hnevina got V-1,VDH
Nine Lives Joujou got  V-3
Open Class Nine Lives Fast to Furious got V-5
Champion Class Highnote Secret Dazzler got V-1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB and in the end in the group he got BOG 2


Puppy Class Nine Lives Light up the Sky got very promising 1
Junior Class Pure Precious Ain`t it Funny won her class and got Jun VDH, JunCAC, JunBOB and later in the ring of honour she was Jun BIS 3
Champion Class Nevedith Mfa Maria got V-1 and VDH 
Open Class Nine Lives Final Destination got V

22.04.2012 CAC Dresden, Judge  Mr.Rudi Brandt from Denmark


Puppy Class Nine Lives Light my Fire  got very promising 1, Puppy BOB, leaving the judge exited and speachless  by his presentation in the ring, he predicted him a bright future
We are looking forward, Good luck JASON!!!
Champion Class  Highnote Secret Dazzler got V-2 and got Res VDH


Veteran Class Nine Lives Bajka  V-1, VetVDH, Vet CAC, VetBOB and in the end she won her VET BIS in great style showing to the crowd that she is still able to shine in the ring even though she is nearly 12 years old
Junior Class Pure Precious Ain`t it Funny won V-1, Jun CAC, JunVDH and won as well Jun BOB
Champion Class  Your Ice tea Lazarus got V-2 and ResVDH
Open Class Nut in the Sugar Minori Ad Majus finished her German Ch. DWZRV.  She won her class in great style getting V-1, VDH and CAC

Italian Greyhound 
Champion Class   Hadrian Nero is Noveles won V-1,CAC,CACIB and BOB


5/3/2012 Rest in Peace Dawn Sharp


My good Friend Dawn Sharp surprisingly died. She left her family and many friends who will miss her.
Dawn was very ill, she had problem with her lungs,but she was always optimistic and was never giving up. She was helping some poor dogs in her area, she loved her Whippets and in the end, when she became weaker from her illness, there were only few dogs left but she found new joy in keeping small rabbits.
I have met Dawn in the Forum K9 and we became friends. She let me choose a puppy from her breeding. Dawn told me that he is the very best that she had ever bred, she was sure he would be a great dog, a real star in the show rings. From the very first day when I picked up the puppy, she was very proud of her little boy and that he went to me.

That little boy is Highnote Secret Dazzler,
sire of the J-Litter of Nine Lives and the I-Litter from the Kennel Od Hnevina.

Until now Dan became INT Ch and CH of Germany and Serbia.

Here are some of his show results until now:

Under  judge Janina Staniszewska "Dan" was Best Male in Gelsenkirchen on 10.05.2008

He was BOB in Subotica under  judge Antonin Mudra from Czech Republic

BOB under judge Mr.Kupferberg from Israel at CACIB Belgrade on 10.02.2008

At the Speciality Show for Whippets in Konopiste, Czech Republic, under judge Mrs. Kathy Thomas from Great Britain he won CAC

BOB and BIS3 in Osagard, Hungary at the 1. Sighthound Festival on 09.08.2009 under judge Mrs.Szanka

In Chorzow Poland, on 14.09.2008 under Mrs.Editha Newton from GB he was Best Male and BOB

CACIB Belgrade on 08.02.2009 under Mrs. Balogh from Hungary, he was BOB

On 06.06.2009 under Mrs. Daines from Australia at the show in Grossenhain he got V-1,CAC

Best Male on 24.10.2009 under  judge Mr. Henne in Greppin

BOB in Tuettleben on 29.05.2010 under  judge Mrs. Pindera from Poland

BIS  on 24.09.2001 in Wandlitz under judge Mr. Petreski from Croatia

All his Successes in the show rings and as a sire I dedicate to you, Dawn, my friend and my messenger chatting companion, without your friendship and your foresight for his qualities already as a puppy Dan would have never comed to us to become what he is today.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH DAWN. I know that you watch him from your place at the rainbow bridge !