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Nine Lives Shivani Blue performed two terrific runs in Estonia at CEM 2019 and took 4th place from 59 dogs thus became best German Whippet bitch. It has been Shivani's third start at coursing EMs. We are very proud of our team Maik and Nine Lives Shivani Blue.



Today we received news of another big coursing success of one of our dogs. Nine Lives Xadrian "Nico" has took the first place in Swiss Lostallo!

Many thanks to Esther Eigenmann for splendid photos.



Nine lives is breeding not only beautiful show dogs but also very sporty whippets !

Friederike sent us the results of 2017 of Nine Lives Vanilla Sky, born 18th of May 2015, loved and owned by Friederike und Stephan Völker.

They did not only present her at many shows, they also participated at racings events next day. “Nilly” reached several times the award for the winner of Beauty and performance, in German “S & L”, which means that she succeeded to be the best whippet in the combination of show- and racing results !

I remember pretty well, that when I started to show whippets, it was common practice that whippets were shown on the first day and next day they were entered for a race or a coursing. Until about ten years ago Whippets had to prove that they were able to be not only beautiful but also able to chase. Today this double purpose entering has become very rare and my husband and me are very proud of seeing that some Nine Lives Whippets maintain the tradition of “S & L”.

As our second double purpose whippet – first was Shivani Blue – we now present Vanilla Sky !

  • 15.04.17 Greppin SG2 – judge Mr. A. van den Broek
  • 06.05.17 Göhlsdorf V2, ResCAC – judge Mr. W. Richter
  • 27.05.17 Gröditz V – judge Mr. Henne
  • 28.05.17 Zehlendorf V – judge Mrs. J. Szanka
  • 18.06.17 Hamburg V – judge Mrs. H.van der Lee-Grevelt
  • 01.07.17 Eilenburg V2, ResCAC, - judge Mr. W. Richter and S & L
  • 22.07.17 Hannover V – judge Mr. F. Boucek and S & L
  • 26.08.17 Greppin SG – judge Mrs. C. Juhasz and S & L
  • 09.09.17 Lorch V1, ResCAC – judge Mr. Henne
  • 30.09.17 Hildesheim V – judge Mrs. M. Müller and CACL
  • 21.10.17 Tüttleben V – judge Mrs. M. Marpe
  • 09.11.17 Leipzig SG – judge Mr. M. Sistermann

Quotation of the proud owners : For the results in racing events we had to be satisfied with 5th or 6th places because the specialized racing whippets were always faster ….but Vanilla loves to race and chase and for us it is really fun to watch her enjoying it !

Nine Lives is very proud of you and we are very happy that you enjoy the versatility and the love of life of your beloved Nilly !



Mystique sent us the show results of Nine Lives Aragorn, born 11th of October 2016, owned by Valentina Prokopenko and Marina Lotkova:

  1. 16.04.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Leader & Prestige", judge Roger Barenne (France) - BOB puppy (Puppy class)
  2. 16.04.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Stolitsa", Michael Papadatos (Greece) - BOB-puppy (Puppy class)
  3. 16.04.2017, Russia, Moscow, Whippet specialty (Club Winner rank), judge Paulo Coelho (Portugal) - BOS-puppy (Puppy class)
  4. 07.10.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Olimp", judge Marina Patrina (Russia) - J.CAC, BOB-Junior (Junior class)
  5. 07.10.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Gran-Prix", judge Mstislav Polivanov (Russia) - "very good" (Junior class)
  6. 08.10.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "MOROO SKS", judge Vladimir Aleksandrov (Russia) - "very good" (Junior class)
  7. 08.20.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "MOROO KSS", judge Massimiliano Mannuci (Italy) - J.CAC, BOB-Junior, BOB, R.BIG (Junior class)
  8. 15.10.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Imperia Zviozd", judge Irina Trifonova (Russia) - "excellent" (Junior class)
  9. 15.10.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Atlantis", judge Athanasios Garivaldis (Greece) - J.CAC, BOB-Junior (Junior class)
  10. 18.11.2017, Russia, Moscow, IDS "Russia", judge Sonia Kelveri-Philippou (Cyprus) - 2nd "excellent" (Junior class)
  11. 19.11.2017, Russia, Moscow, IDS "Russia-2. The Cup of RKF President", judge Andrew Brown (Australia) - 3rd "excellent" (Junior class)
  12. 02.12.2017, Russia, Moscow, NDS "Harmony", judge Dmitriy Prozorov (Russia) - J.CAC, BOB-Junior, BOB, R.BIG & closed J.Rus. Ch. title (Junior class)

"Gosha" did pretty well in his shows and we are very proud of our beautiful boy :-) Thanks to his owners and thanks to Mystique who arranged his moving to Russia and who is his perfect handler !



Our beautiful 3 years old Nine Lives Shivani Blue daughter of Nine Lives Joueuse and Culanns Mac Conner has received two honorable titles. She is now an International Coursing Champion and German Coursing - Champion (DWZRV). We and especially Maik are very proud of her.



Last Sunday coursing tournament in Gröditz was quite successful for Nine Lives Kennel. Nine Lives Shivani Blue and Nine Lives Xadrian both won golden coursing blankets 2017 in every whippet class. We are very proud of our dogs and congratulating them and their owners!



On 5th of May, at night we had to send my beloved Diva, Eledi Grace Godiva, to the rainbow bridge.....

Diva was born 04.04.2005, and my third Italian Greyhound. When I saw her on the homepage of her breeder, Jelena Jegorova, all puppies were reserved. Few days later I checked her page again and one female was available ! Immediately I sent a mail to Jelena and reserved the puppy. It was really luck that I found my Diva short time after her first reservation was cancelled.

Diva became a wonderful companion, a fine show dog and a great and playful mother. She was my only dog who could grin when I talked to her :-)

She became MultiChampion and vice European Champion and she had two wonderful litters. Unfortunately of her first litter with two puppies only Kiano survived, born 06.07.2011. Kiano is very beautiful and he is living in Switzerland and enjoys a great time with his family, he is also permitted for stud service.

In her second litter, born 03.03.2013, we got Penelope, Pia, Pinocchio and Peter Pan. All four have wonderful homes and Pinocchio is already father of several beautiful puppies. Diva was surrounded by magic datas....born 4.4.2005, a litter on 3.3.2013 and her trip to the rainbow bridge started 5.5.2017.....

My beloved little girl, I am thankful for many great years, I wish you could have stayed longer, I will never forget you and your smiling at me with one missing tooth


Nine Lives Shivani Blue had a great start to the season on 09.04.2017. She passed the CCSH in Gut Basthorst, the first place, the CACC, CACL and the Wanderpokal "Best Whippet Coursing CCSH e.V." of 12 Whippets mixed (2 females and 10 males). The Wanderpokal was handed over by Baron Enno von Ruffin.

Shivani CACC, CACL Shivani CACC, CACL


We are proud that Nine Lives Shivani Blue in her first year in coursing got certified and has won a working class!


Nine Lives Shivani Blue has finished 2nd today at international coursing event in Großenaspe. She got R-CACIL and R-CACC. With that result she took 1st place in Nordcup. Congratulations to our young champion and her owner Maik.

Shivani Nordcup Champion


Nine Lives Pinocchio is International Champion (C.I.B.)!

Pinocchio International Champion


We have a new junior champion!

Conny German Junior Champion


We have a new veteran champion!


We have been in Berlin today and 9 of our Whippets and one Italian Greyhound were the models for Cardiac Ultrasound for a vet training. All 10 behaved very well and all 10 are now heart tested and healthy : Nine Lives Friday After Next, Alamaglo Otis, Tiger`s Chaos Call of the Wild, Nine Lives One More Night, Nine Lives Nerai, Nine Lives In Ideal Inspiration, Nine Lives Joueuse, PurePrecious Ain't it Funny, Your Ice Tea Lazarus and IG Nine Lives Pinocchio


22/11/2013 Our guests - Nerai and Levin on Hollyday by us



22/11/2013 We enjoy one nice Autumn Day in our Garden



13/04/2013 Welcome to Spring!!


Finall we got Spring! Check some spring photos in garden here.


10/03/2013 Snow time!!!




07/03/2013 Italian Greyhound Puppies

03.03.2013 is born Italian Greyhound litter out of Eledi Grace Godiva and Hadrian Nero Is Noveles. 2 girls isabel, 1 male isabel and 1 male blue. All healthy and active, we are very happy!

More photos here.


21/12/2012 Snow time!



More photos here.


29/10/2012 We have two litters!!

First litter is out of:

Nine Lives Friday After Next Nevedith Mfa Maria

More informations here.


Second litter is out of:

Firlefanc Caspar Nut in Sugar Majuri Ad Majus

More informations here.



It is really hard to believe how fast the Time flies. Our oldies, Frontrunner's Head Held High and Frontrunner's Head Line are now 15 years old. For sure they cannot run in the garden like before, they sleep more and need more time to walk. But they are still fit and like to lay down in the grass and enjoy the sun. Avalonia Jesta Rogue, "Lucas", is in the meantime 13,5 years old, Nine Lives Art Nouveau is 12 and Flash is 10 years. We are proud of our oldies.


11/08/2012 New photos from Nine Lives Moment of Joy ' Gioia'


29/07/2012 New photos of Joy

Mrs.Heberling sends us regards and some nice photos of Nine Lives Moments of Joy(Gioia). Gioia is a lively and very active puppy who is bringing a lot of life and joy in the family !


9/5/2012 New photos of Jason

Just couple photos from Nine Lives Light my Fire(Jason), how he is trained for the upcoming shows.
Looking forward to see him in the show ring.


26/4/2012 Toto's photos

Couple of photos from another L- litter baby, Nine Lives Light of Day, Toto, 5 months old


1/4/2012 April in our Garden


5/3/2012 Rest in Peace Dawn Sharp
My good Friend Dawn Sharp surprisingly died. She left her family and many friends who will miss her.
Dawn was very ill, she had problem with her lungs,but she was always optimistic and was never giving up. She was helping some poor dogs in her area, she loved her Whippets and in the end, when she became weaker from her illness, there were only few dogs left but she found new joy in keeping small rabbits.
I have met Dawn in the Forum K9 and we became friends. She let me choose a puppy from her breeding. Dawn told me that he is the very best that she had ever bred, she was sure he would be a great dog, a real star in the show rings. From the very first day when I picked up the puppy, she was very proud of her little boy and that he went to me.

That little boy is Highnote Secret Dazzler,
sire of the J-Litter of Nine Lives and the I-Litter from the Kennel Od Hnevina.

Until now Dan became INT Ch and CH of Germany and Serbia.

Here are some of his show results until now:

Under  judge Janina Staniszewska "Dan" was Best Male in Gelsenkirchen on 10.05.2008

He was BOB in Subotica under  judge Antonin Mudra from Czech Republic

BOB under 
judge Mr.Kupferberg from Israel at CACIB Belgrade on 10.02.2008

At the Speciality Show for Whippets in Konopiste, Czech Republic, under judge Mrs. Kathy Thomas from Great Britain he won CAC

BOB and BIS3 in Osagard, Hungary at the 1. Sighthound Festival on 09.08.2009 under judge Mrs.Szanka

In Chorzow Poland, on 14.09.2008 under Mrs.Editha Newton from GB he was Best Male and BOB

CACIB Belgrade on 08.02.2009 under Mrs. Balogh from Hungary, he was BOB

On 06.06.2009 under Mrs. Daines from Australia at the show in Grossenhain he got V-1,CAC

Best Male on 24.10.2009 under  judge Mr. Henne in Greppin

BOB in Tuettleben on 29.05.2010 under  judge Mrs. Pindera from Poland

BIS  on 24.09.2001 in Wandlitz under judge Mr. Petreski from Croatia

All his Successes in the show rings and as a sire I dedicate to you, Dawn, my friend and my messenger chatting companion, without your friendship and your foresight for his qualities already as a puppy Dan would have never comed to us to become what he is today.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH DAWN. I know that you watch him from your place at the rainbow bridge !


15/1/2012 New Year photo shooting

In the New Year we are starting with a nice photo session showing our little blue beauty 
Nine Lives Jouissance-Birdie