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Almaglo Otis "Otis"

13.07.2009 - 30.01.2017
Breeder: Mauro Carpone
Owner: Ulrike Homer
Titles: 1 x BIS, JCh. DWZRV


Joy and misery are sometimes so close to each other....

One day after the show weekend in Langerwisch 2017 is already asking an angel from us.....Almaglo Otis, "Otis", went to be an angel yesterday.....5 weeks ago cancer of his lymph system was diagnosed and it was very fast and aggressive. Otis was born 13 of July 2009 and had to be put to sleep on 30th of January 2017.

Otis came to us from Italy because I liked him very much as a puppy and he became a gentle boy of old whippet type.

Otis was shown quite often but unfortunately did not succeed to win his 4th and final Champion Award. It did not make a difference, we loved him for his gentle and sweet character.

It was not planned that early this year but when he was still feeling fine, we let him mate Nine Lives Joueuse and now we hope for puppies to make Otis live on in his progeny.

Fly free, my gentle boy, and bring my kisses to your friends Lucas, Max, Kira and Lara, Bibosz, Bazia, Bajka, Clea, Hexe, Lynn, Lilly, Betty, Issey and the other beloved ones, we meet again at the rainbow bridge....




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