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Signoretta Liberi Venti "Issey"

21.04.2004 - 05.10.2016
Owner: Ulrike Homer
Titles: Ch. Macedonia & Ch. Serbia

2016 is asking a lot of us.....Signoretta Liberi Venti, "Issey", went to be an angel today....."Issey" became very weak in the last weeks and today she did not want to leave her cosy bed. She was born 21st of April 2004 and enjoyed a great warm summer this year.

Issey came to us from a Polish litter with my Avalonia Jesta Rogue, "Lucas" and Carmen Mutazi. She was the granddaughter of Nevedith Justa Jesta and the grand-granddaughter of Paris Panther.

Issey was shown during my time in Serbia, so she achieved to be Serbian and Mazedonian Champion.

Issey was my beloved ball junkie, she never missed a ball which I threw for her. Manuel Neuer was a nobody against Issey ;-)

Fly free, my ball catcher girl, my last beloved Lucas-daughter and bring my kisses to your sire Lucas, Max, Kira and Lara, Bibosz, Bazia, Bajka, Clea, Hexe, Lynn, Lilly, Betty and the other beloved ones, we meet again at the rainbow bridge....

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