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Nine Lives Art Nouveau "Hexe"

Our "Hexe", Nine Lives Art Nouveau of my very first litter, had to be put to sleep on 3rd of April 2014. Hexe would have been 14 on 29th of April, but it was not going to happen. In the last months she suffered of several tumors which could not be removed, but Hexe was a little fighter. The day before her last day I had to stay at home due to a medical treatment and my old darling followed me a big round in our garden and warm sunshine made us feel comfortable. But we both said good-bye to each other....her last night Hexe was sleeping in my bed and whenever I looked for her, she opened her eyes. We both knew that she was now too tired to continue, because a new tumor made her frontleg swelling.
Have a nice trip to the rainbow bridge, sweetie, your sister Fiene (Art Deco) and your brother Henry (As You Like It) will wait you there and you will join them. We will meet later again

Date of birth: 29.04.2000
Breeder: Ulrike Homer
Owner: Ulrike Homer
Titles: Ch. Serbia & Ch. Macedonia




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